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Louis (History)


History has always been a favourite subject of mine, and I have not been disappointed in my decision to take it on at A level. The course has often proven fascinating. During our detailed exploration of the rise and establishment of the Bolsheviks in Russia, I found the section on the Great Terror under Stalin particularly interesting. The British Experience of Warfare section of the syllabus was also one of my favourite parts of the course, and included deep dives into British military action during the Napoleonic, Crimean, Boer, and Great wars.

History A Level is an obvious choice if you are, like myself, seeking to take the subject on at university level. Even if this is not the case, though, a History A level provides an excellent foundation for any degree which might involve skills such as independent research, critical thinking and analysis, constructing an argument, and – of course – essay-writing. Wider reading is encouraged and there are lots of opportunities for class debates. For these reasons, many A level History students go on to work in areas such as law or journalism. That History is able to provide such a strong skillset whilst also being an incredibly fun, engaging, and thought-provoking course means that choosing A level History is a strong choice to make.