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Dominic (Geography)


A Level Geography at the RGS is one of the most engaging, intriguing and complex subjects you can study. Ashamedly, I initially chose Geography with the intention of dropping it after the first term. However, after just a fortnight of lessons it became clear that Geography was the most relevant and captivating subject I was doing. Geography is such a broad subject; one lesson you could be studying tectonic plates and the next, the spread of a disease such as COVID-19. These are examples of topics I have particularly enjoyed, but I have also found studying glaciation and migration particularly fun.

It is this complexity that has prompted me to continue Geography at university. As well as the broad education you will get from studying it, the course provides students with many transferable skills that universities and employers look for. You will finish the course being able to methodically analyse data, as well with the ability to present an argument effectively. Ultimately, studying Geography has not only boosted my university application, but also set me up with skills that I will use for the rest of my life.