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Quantum Computing: The Future of Technology - Saroop Jagdev

How will quantum computing shape our future?

Technology as we know it is limited by the fact that the computers of our time do not have adequate processing power to solve the most challenging problems that we have to offer. Computers that we use in our day-to-day lives are based on conventional computing; computer chips contain transistors, which can either be in an on or off state, similar to a light switch. Essentially, computers are a vast collection of switches, each in one of two states. These states are represented in binary, with 0 representing the off state and 1 representing the on state. To put it simply, binary is the "language" that a computer can "understand," and it is the only one that a computer can communicate in. The key issue with this system is that it is slow, or rather that it can be slow when faced with a particularly difficult problem, which is where quantum computers come in.