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Ben (French)


I chose to study French at A level due to my enthusiasm for languages, which began during my GCSEs and has developed over the two years of the A level course. I have always believed that the ability to be able to converse with a variety of people is an invaluable skill, hence French seemed an excellent choice to study further, as it vastly broadens this capability.

I have really enjoyed the breadth of the subject at A level. As well as developing my knowledge of the language, it has enabled me to develop numerous skills, such as analysing texts and forming and expressing opinions on a wide range of topics. I have benefitted from the chance to discover both French literature and cinema through the study of Joseph Joffo’s Second World War autobiographical novel “Un Sac de Billes” and Francois Truffaut’s directorial debut film “Les 400 Coups” – a classic of the French New Wave. In studying French, I have also been given the opportunity to research a topic of my interest, and present it in French, which I have found very fulfilling.