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Saketh (Design Technology)

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For as long as I remember, I've adored creating new ideas, collaborating with others, and solving problems. My aim is to study Mechanical Engineering at University, and I believe that studying DT has very much prepared me for this. However, I believe the skills that I’ve learned in my DT lessons are transferable to many other subjects.

My love of DT started at GCSE, when I was given a contextual challenge in which I had to identify a problem and design a solution for it. This problem-solving process is similar at A level, but with a higher design complexity. As part of the product-design process at A level, I had to get used to developing many iterations of a design before I ended up with a final solution. This process was highly enjoyable as it required finding creative solutions to different problems. I also found the theory side of the subject to be particularly thought-provoking, as it made me question how a lot of the products we take for granted are produced.

This has prepared me well for the course I want to study (Mechanical Engineering), as a large proportion of coursework/group projects require a high degree of problem-solving skills, and the ability to think critically. The practical side of the course has also taught me how to manage my time effectively – a skill that will be invaluable at university.