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Haashim (Computer Science)

Computer Science

I chose Computer Science at A Level because I wanted to learn, at a more fundamental level, the concepts that power modern day computing. Be it the different stages of code development or the way in which all information has a binary representation, studying Computer Science gave me the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the complex processes behind many aspects of the field. It also fed into my pre-existing interests of software engineering and problem solving, which I hope to continue into the future.

Over the past year, I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about both the theoretical and practical sides of Computer Science. In lessons, we've covered a wide range of topics, including data representation, networks and data structures, but what I found the most interesting was learning about the structure and function of the processor.

For my coursework, I chose to create a 2D Physics Engine in Python, which computes and renders objects and their collisions in real time. It combined my interest in Maths with Computer Science, and was a lot of fun to create.

Having chosen to study Computer Science at university, the course has also acted to further solidify my interest in the field, and given me a real taste for what university will be like.