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Sam (Business Studies)

Business Studies

I chose Business Studies A level because the course is heavily-weighted towards looking at ‘real world’ issues. Brexit and climate change have often been in the news over the past few years, and exploring the links between business and these issues has made class discussions interesting and relevant. It's also been fascinating to see how businesses have adapted to the pandemic. This has been a conversational point in our lessons and has allowed us to explore our own personal views and suggest better ways businesses could have coped and handled the situation.

From a careers point of view, my Business Studies A Level helped me get an offer for an apprenticeship at Ernst & Young, a London based accounting firm. The skills and knowledge I have obtained from studying the subject – particularly the analysis techniques I’ve developed from breaking down case studies – were highly useful in my final interview for the apprenticeship, allowing me to answer interview questions effectively and with confidence. All the case studies are about real businesses and grounded in facts, so even when you're revising and doing practice questions you are building up your wider knowledge of businesses. For me, the most enjoyable part of the course was learning about finance. Looking into balance sheets in depth and reviewing the performance of a business has really helped to prepare me for my future studies.