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Joe (Geography)

Year 13


In my opinion Geography is one of the most interesting and thought provoking subjects that you can take at RGS. The main reason for this is due to the massive range of content that you will cover in the A Level course, all the way from global powers and borders to the different geological processes that have formed the landscapes we see around us. Not only does taking Geography alter your perception of how major global powers control the world we live in but it also shows how communities operate on a more local scale. Personally I am more interested in the physical side of the course as I find leaning about how the earth came to be the way it is and what it could look like in the future to be one of the most relevant things you can be educated on, especially given the unprecedented changes that we humans have had on the natural world. Despite being a science not all geography has set answers and I feel this is reflected in the lessons as they are often discussion based, to me this is one of the most compelling reasons to take geography.