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Yr 13

2nd year in boarding in the Sixth Form

Since joining boarding in Year 12, I have joined an inclusive group of boys, who are aspirational, competitive and striving for the best. The environment within boarding allows for healthy competition to take place by creating a hard working atmosphere, and ensuring that all the boys maximise and reach their potential. However, the academic side is just only the tip of the iceberg. Boarding allows me to develop leadership qualities by running activities for Years 7 and 8, or by being a gym prefect, or by being an academic mentor to the younger years for a specific subject, mine being Latin. Boarding also allows for me to get the most out of extracurricular opportunities, whether it being sporting, as I play first team rugby, or academic, and joining many of the societies within school, like MedSoc, debating society or politics society. Boarding has also given me a step between secondary school and university, by providing me with independence; allowing me to make my own food, making sure I tidy my own room, making sure the kitchen and common room are clean, all things that I will have autonomy of at university, hence making the transition seamless. To conclude, boarding at RGS is inclusive, hard-working, independent and most importantly enjoyable atmosphere.