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Year 12

6th Year in boarding

Fraser Youens is a lot more than just a Boarding House, it is a thriving community and some might even say family. The Boarding House is made up of many different ages and even though there could be up to a 7 year age gap boarders are still happy to mix freely. The boarding community is always evolving and changing however you can always rely on being able to go outside and kick or throw a ball about with your mates. If you are feeling under the weather or maybe you might just need some help with a piece of homework the teachers and sixth former are always there to lend a hand or some support, providing great role models for upcoming boarders. Teachers also put on an activity every day this could be from football to rock climbing or table tennis to pool giving every type of person an option to have some fun. When the House settles down in the evening to get on with any homework younger boarders and some older will go to a classroom in main school with a teacher where they can be guided and assisted by a Boarding Tutor. The Fraser Youens house is the beating heart of RGS and without it RGS would not be the same.