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Year 9 

3rd Year in boarding

Life back at boarding has been action-filled with the new sights and the old faces. Catching up with the friends I missed. I find that boarding life is more organised and exciting than if I wasn’t a boarder. Having activity after school gets me a chance to run wild as the competition is high. Having a set prep session makes me focus for the period of time and get the homework out of the way. Having the chance to stay with my friends at night is like having a sleepover everyday. During the school day, getting the chance to come back to boarding which helps me get away from the busy school and have some time at the table tennis table. The facilities we have at boarding is incredible as when the school day finishes the whole school is ours. Having the staff that are school teachers gives us a chance to get a few questions answered. Mentoring is an excellent idea as you can get taught at a subject you’re struggling at by the older years. I would like to summarise my account by saying that boarding for me is truly amazing as you can get so many opportunities.