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Year 9 

3rd Year in Boarding

Boarding life is like no other. It helps you to grow and mature as a person as well as assisting you in your academics. Personally, boarding has helped me a lot. After 2 years of boarding I’ve learnt a lot about living in a community, socialising and much more. Every single day I’m learning something new. The food here is great, there’s always a variety of food during the week as well as the Thursday “meal of the week” dinner where someone gets to choose what the house eats. This can fluctuate from southern fried chicken to lasagne. Personally, my favourite pastime is to spend time in my room with my 3 other roommates, just chatting and socialising. However, there is a common room where everyone in the year can hang about in. As well as the fun bits, boarding is also an eminently good place to study. It’s supervised prep sessions, hosted by the boarding masters, is a good way to ensure that you stay on top of your homework especially when you are new to the school. Furthermore, the mentoring system is a congenial way to get help in the subjects that you struggle in. Mentors are always nice and understanding. In the end boarding is a great place to be, it is like my second home.