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Year 7 

4th week in Boarding

Life as a boarder has been a learning curve for me.  I have met lots of new people the staff and all the other boarders around me. We have all adapted to this new school like a pair of shoes and now know the place of by heart. We are exceeding in our lessons, with the support around us shaping our bright futures. We are always on the move with different activities each day, that develop our teamwork and discipline. These skills will help us jump the hurdles of life, as will our academic abilities.

In our dorms we feel a sense of home with our pictures on the wall. We all have the luxury of showers in the mornings. We catch up with our family members in the evenings and play fun games of table-tennis and pool in our breaks. We have lovely food throughout the day keeping us fit and well. In prep we have a chance to have support from the staff and use the computers to help with work. We have buddies around the boarding house that can help with queries and problems (but they are also good mates). I have been welcomed into the boarding family with open arms and treat everyone like family. This is Fraser Youens.