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Year 13

Ancient History

Ancient History is a broad and fantastic course, which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone not only with a general interest in history, but also in politics, law, and the humanities in general, because what we learn of the Greeks and Romans is still significant to us today - the same types of people, the same causes of war, the same cycles of politics and society in general. Beyond this, it is an enormously useful subject by virtue of the skills it provides: the course is entirely source-based, meaning that as students we are constantly analysing and comparing ancient texts in our appraisal of events. This is a powerful teacher of the critical thinking required in so many subjects and, moreover, in life itself, not to mention the writing, communication, and argument-building skills required to put points across in essays. Most importantly, it is a fun subject. I have loved every minute of my time learning ancient history, because of the depth and variety of what we learn, not to mention Dr Matthews’ lively teaching style, which helps emphasises the importance of the ancient world to modern life. I find myself frequently able to comment with amusement on current affairs in light of events which took place in antiquity. Overall, Ancient History is a rich and enjoyable subject which imparts knowledge and skills with a wide significance.