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Sahl (Politics)


My decision to study Politics was driven by my passion for current affairs, as well as my hope of pursuing a politics-related course at university, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision as it has provided me with a deep insight into the political landscapes of the UK and US.

Having grown up in a world where politics has become increasingly partisan, the course was the clear choice to help me pick through the rhetoric and closely analyse government decisions. Lessons are lively and debates are encouraged, allowing people to express and discuss their beliefs freely in a lively and engaging forum. Hearing the varying viewpoints is always very enjoyable and allows me to form more well-rounded opinions. The course explores the political and judicial systems of the UK and USA as well as the political ideologies that have dominated politics around the world. Comparing the governments of both countries has been very interesting, especially when considering what could be improved about our current political system. I believe the course has prepared me well for politics at university as it has provided me with a strong grasp of key political concepts, alongside useful analysis and research skills. Politics is relevant to everyone and I’d recommend the course to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of how the world around them works.