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Year 13


RGS provides extensive opportunities to develop advanced performative and academic musical skills, alongside high-class teaching and facilities. Whilst being an incredibly welcoming community, the RGS Music Department is over-flowing with high-level musical intelligence and filled with inspirational energy and enthusiasm from teachers and students alike. Academic music at RGS, from Year 7 through to A Level, is fascinating, as well as very well-structured, thanks to the teaching staff and their infectious passion. Performative music at RGS has always been outstanding, with a boundless number of opportunities to perform, from concerts to musicals; anyone of any standard is greatly encouraged to try their hand at any of the vast number of instruments the school offers.

Whether you are a complete beginner and have never played a note in your life, already working through the grades, or preparing for your first solo tour across Europe, the RGS Music Department will welcome you with open arms, and aid your development to make you into the level of musician you aspire to be.”