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Year 11


At my time here at RGS, I’ve really enjoyed the Geography lessons. They have always been interesting and interactive, whether that’s completing exciting projects such as High Wycopoly or learning about glaciation in the Lake District, I have always found my self enjoying the subject. One of my favourite projects of both Year 7 and 8 has been High Wycopoly, the objective is to create a game of monopoly but substituting the locations for notable landmarks in High Wycombe. Similarly, Geography has been very useful even outside the classroom as now I am able to identity geographical features created by glaciers and it has widened my knowledge of Countries, Cities and obscure locations. 

When I first joined RGS I had very low standards of Geography as a subject and wasn’t expecting it to be a subject I would enjoy, however from my first Geography lesson in year 7, it became one of my favourite subjects as the Geography teachers at RGS teach in a way that’s very comprehensive and enjoyable, with projects, field trips and lots more as part of the Geography experience. Our HighWycopoly projects in year 7 was a very fun task that let us get to know our local area as well as people in our class. To this day I still look forward to the next Geography lesson in my week and whatever it will bring.