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James, Matthew and Nathan (English)

Year 13

Subject Ambassadors - James, Matthew and Nathan

During my time at RGS, English has always been the subject which I have enjoyed the most; the English teachers are highly devoted and personable, along with the inherent appeal of the content. English at RGS fosters a passion for reading right from the outset. The focus on reading at Key Stage 3, with weekly library lessons and Discovery Reader lessons, inspired me to continue reading in my own time, something that I hadn’t really engaged with before. It was during the GCSE course that my love for the subject really developed, since the analysis is more in-depth. There is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction when you make a really clever connection to another point in a text, or to some contextual information, especially if you can add a bit of technical vocab in there too.

A Level English Literature steps things up a gear, as the texts are more challenging and there is an increased focus on a text’s context, the comparison of two texts, critical interpretations of a text, and drama productions in particular. A Level builds on GCSE knowledge; we encounter similarities between texts such as Macbeth and Hamlet, and between The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Dracula, which eases the transition from GCSE to A Level. So far, my favourite has been the Gothic module, which I am currently studying in my final year of A Level Literature.