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Max (Business Studies)

Year 13

Business Studies Student

Business studies is a subject that is directly relevant to the real world. Businesses continue to be heavily affected by all the current affairs (Brexit, Corona Virus, Climate change) all of which have been major conversational points in our lessons; this makes our studying interactive and relatable to present scenarios. The main reason I have a passion for this subject is that it encourages collaboration, everyone's ideas are considered which creates stimulating and very open class discussions. Business is an opinion based subject and is not just about a right or wrong answer. It gives you the opportunity to explore your problem-solving skills, which is important in exams as they ask for your personal views on how a business's approach various problems and encourage you to suggest your own solutions. If you aspire to own your business one-day or just genuinely captivated by the business world you would thoroughly enjoy the Business Studies lessons and it would be the right subject for you. Choose Business studies and you won't be disappointed.