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A huge welcome to our new Boarders!

Well done to all our weekly Boarders on the fantastic start they have made to their time in Fraser Youens House. Life is all about challenges, hurdles and obstacles we all can overcome, the images show some of our newest boarders overcoming our Obstacle Course. There is more than one way to solve a problem, a little teamwork will however help.

Here are a few stories and first impressions from our new joiners.......

On my first day at boarding I was very nervous but at the same time super excited. It was so much better than all the other boarding schools I have looked at I instantly knew it was the place for me. I was boarding for the second time but this had a welcoming aura and I felt like I belonged. We did a variety of activities like dodgeball, football orienteering and walking to the local shop it was a very nice day. I loved every second of it. It was one of the best life experiences I have ever had.

My time here at RGS has been wonderful and much better than I thought. This is because I sometimes had a hard time at primary school and I honestly thought that it would happen here as well.

As a boarder, there are lots of experiences that you won’t get at a lot of other schools. The activities as a boarder so far are: obstacle course, capture the flag, dodge ball, cricket, rugby, nerf ball and sometimes, football.

When I first came to boarding I was extremely excited, but at the same time nervous. I came in with my dad, all of my belongings in hands, and we were greeted by Mr. Scourfield. We were told which room I was in, and my dad and I headed off to drop my belongings in my area. When we were finished, my dad left, and I told to come down so I could go to my first lesson. I headed off to class and soon after we came back for lunch.

As it was a half day, we were to go back and do things a little differently. We had our lunch, and to elaborate, it was amazing. After this, we went to have a little playtime out side. Firstly, we played with a Nerf vortex, trying to shoot it into a football goal. After we did it with a football and then we went back inside. We then went on a trip to Tesco’s and stopped along the way to see some other things. When we got to Tesco’s, we were given £1 to spend on whatever we wanted. I spent mine on a Lucozade as I was feeling a little tired, and we headed back. 

When we got back we were given time to sort out our rooms and tidy them up a bit. I spent my time hanging up my clothes and making my bed, others on making them feel at home, and some need a little help unpacking. We had finished sorting our rooms we had dinner, which was, as expected, yet another great meal. Then, it was time to go to bed. The beds were comfortable and I had great night sleep, despite still feeling a little homesick; however, it was completely fine as everyone was extremely accommodating and helped me through it.

My first week was a great start to boarding at RGS, getting to know many other boarders enjoying my spare time with them. Already as a boarder I feel I have good friends in Fraser Youens and they will turn into great friendships .Judging on my first week here I am going to thoroughly enjoy my time as a boarder at RGS.                   

Boarding is a wonderful experience. I just love it! From the very the first day, the fun began. Everyone here is ever so friendly and welcoming. We are supported by the Boarding tutors and the rest of the boarding staff. Since I have joined, I’ve already gained more and more independence. The food is made by world class chefs in my opinion!. My evenings are action packed with a variety of sports and activities. I think I shall make great memories at my time in boarding.   

When I got here on the first morning I was a bit worried, but not that much. I had a bit of chill time playing table tennis; shortly after at 8:30 we headed to our form rooms, I was in Mr. Balaam’s form in the language block (L13).  After school I headed back to Fraser Youens Boarding House with my new friends. I can't really remember the order we did things,  it definitely wasn’t being boring, sports activities, some sort of Scavenger Hunt and a trip to the local shop

I arrived at the boarding house around 8:40 on the first morning. I got all  my stuff from the car and took it into my room, my room was called Lancaster, it was on the top floor which made it quite challenging to carry a heavy bag all the way up to my dorm. In my dorm there were three other people and to choose which beds we were going to have, Sir cut up four straws each of different lengths. I picked first and got the longest one, so I chose the bed on the end near the window. After that we had only half a day of school where our form tutor gave us the things we needed. When school was finished we continued the day doing some fun stuff.

I like boarding here at the RGS because it gives me more opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities and helps me with my homework if I need it. It also encourages me to become a more disciplined individual, the facilities here are outstanding, from the swimming pool, to the common rooms, to the food and the prefects are really helpful.