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Oscar Shields


"Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time" Jean Michel Basquiat.

I find that music can bring people together and allow them to freely express themselves in the way they want - just as visual artists do with their art. My aim is to look at visual artists who have used music in some way to inspire their work. 

​I am also a DJ and this in my main relationship to music today as I make many mixes for myself and others to enjoy. I feel that bringing components together in music is like the process of making a piece of art - through things like composition, cutting and overlaying elements, mixing, contrast, rhythm and more.

My starting point for this project will be looking at the main way that people advertise music events, which is through posters and fliers. This is visualising music as it captures the feeling of the event and genre of music being advertised.

​Then I will explore dance and movement, as dance is an art form, and another way of visualising music. Like visual art, there’s deep contrast between classical performative dance, and dance that anyone can do at a club, rave, or festival, in response to the music. I hope to make visual art pieces in repose to music in a similar way, incorporating movement into my work.

​The final way I feel that you can visualise music is through synaesthesia, as this is a condition where you are able to see sound. For those with the condition they have arguably the best tool to visualise music - giving us vivid examples of how music looks in their minds.

​I will research artists, techniques and art styles that relate to my topic and bring my findings together in my final pieces of work.