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Ben Holmes


This project displays my journey in discovering how culture can shape society and its environments. I aim to look at several artists that can help me understand and create ideas based on this topic including Shepard Fairey, Mark Wallinger, Lucien Hervé, Paul Catherall and more. This, in my mind, will allow me to discover a style based on these artists' specialities while still incorporating my own perspective on the topic. My two books over the two years of the project hold different purposes in answering my question. Firstly, Book 1 is based on the understanding of the environments of culture and towards the end linking to recent protests and movements of the culture as a result of the death of George Floyd. Secondly, Book 2 is linked through the focus on society and the people of protests movements. While still capturing the beauty and artist nature of culture I aim to still display a strong message relating to real-life events.