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Year 7 Guide For New Boys

Starting at a secondary school in Year 7 can be a daunting prospect for any boy. At RGS we aim to manage a boy’s transition from his Primary School to make the move as smooth as possible.

This process starts in Year 6. Once a boy has found out that he is coming to RGS he will take part in the following events to aid his transition:

  • Transition Visit - A member of the RGS teaching staff will conduct a ‘Transition Visit’ to all feeder Primary Schools to meet with boys and primary teachers. During this meeting, it is possible for the boys to ask questions about aspects of life at RGS, which may be concerning them. If a boy is coming to RGS from out of the catchment area, a telephone call from the Head of Year 7 may be made instead, with the offer of a visit to the school for a face-to-face meeting at RGS if preferred.
  • Transition Evening - Towards the end of June there will be an evening for boys and parents to come and hear from the Head of Year, Headmaster and Director of Sport about transition to RGS. This will be an opportunity to meet others joining RGS in September for the first time.
  • Transition Day - At the end of the Summer Term in Year 6, a transition day at RGS will take place where all boys joining in September will arrive, be told which Form they are in and get to meet their peers and Form Tutor. The day will end just after midday when parents will collect the boys from RGS and have an opportunity to meet other parents and join the Parents Association.

Once a boy joins in Year 7 there are further efforts to ensure he eases into life at RGS with minimum fuss:

  • Induction Day – A day before the whole school starts in September, Year 7 boys come into RGS in their new uniform and carry out the essential administration for getting settled into Secondary School. This includes, but is not exclusive to:
    • Identifying his locker (if ordered online through the appropriate company).
    • Being issued his academic timetable.
    • Scanning his finger for entry onto the payment system used in the canteen, school shop and library.
  • Team Building & Anti-bullying Day – Within the first month, a morning of activities to encourage boys to get to know each other will be organised by the School. The afternoon consists of a workshop with their Form Tutor to discuss what bullying is and how to address in the unlike event that it occurs.
  • Sports & Orientation Camp  – The Sports Department are running a Sports & Orientation Camp for all new Year 7 boys from Tuesday 27 August to Friday 30 August, 9.30am – 3.30pm. The cost is £200 per child for a whole four day period, or £55 per day if preferred. Although attendance is not compulsory, we highly recommend it to ease your son’s transition into grammar school.

    Registration and payment details for the New Year 7 Sports & Orientation Camp are available below and are found on the Little Box Office RGS Sports Development tab found on the RGS website.

    New Year 7 Sports & Orientation Camp

Any concerns about day-to-day issues should be addressed to your son’s Form Tutor in the first instance or the Head of Year 7 if there is need for more pastoral oversight – email addresses for both will be made available.

Leave of Absence requests in advance of joining RGS in Year 7 can be directed to the Head of Year 7 through the link for Leave of Absence requests on the School website.

Current Year 7 boys at RGS were asked to give their ‘Top Tips’ to a new boy that can be summarised as follows:

  1. Do not be afraid to ask for help from staff or older boys (particularly senior prefects with green ties).
  2. Do not carry every book around, use your locker well.
  3. Make sure you write all homework in your planner - be organised.
  4. Be confident – don’t be afraid to ask questions and be honest when you have forgotten something.
  5. Do homework the day you’re set it – Do not let it pile up!
  6. Do not leave stuff lying around school – take kit home or put it in your locker.
  7. Name every item of clothing and equipment – this will save you a lot of trouble finding stuff should it get lost.
  8. Show respect to your teachers and others in school – be polite.
  9. Catch up on any work missed due to illness or absence – this will ensure you do not fall behind later.
  10. Have spare bus money in case you miss your contract bus.
  11. Pack your bag the night before – do not leave it until the morning when you will be in a rush and might forget things.
  12. In the first few weeks, spend some time at break and lunch exploring the school – it’s fun and helps you learn your way around.