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Thank you!

Thank you!

The Annual Fund is a vital pipeline which enables us to support what we are able to provide for your sons.  As you will be aware, state funded schools have faced some challenges in recent years and your generous support of the Annual Fund helps to bridge that gap.  The provision of our fleet of minibuses, equipment for sciences, materials to promote wider reading and some IT hardware has been made possible because of the Annual Fund.  I am very grateful, as are the boys and staff, for your investment in RGS which I trust you feel you get a strong return.

Philip Wayne

The RGSPA would like to say Thank You to the parents, teachers & of course students for supporting our events. The monies we raise, are used to fund the mini buses, prize giving, book buzz etc and hopefully with your all-important continued support we will be able to donate a large sum to the refurbishment of the Science Technology block. Please keep an eye out for news of our upcoming events, a sustainability day in February and a prize draw, with one mega not to be missed prize in March or April. Your support is the oil that keeps our cogs turning!

On behalf of the Friends of Rugby committee, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents, past and present, who have donated subscriptions and attended our events which allows us not only to fund the day-to-day rugby at RGS but also to build up a cash reserve so that we can invest in such a fantastic project as this gym. In addition, many parents, alumni and even friends of ‘Friends’ have bought a brick to help with the financing of the gym; thank you to all of you too.

Finally, a huge thank you to Jason Whipp of Whipp Construction, who did the build at ‘mate’s rates’ and Mat Miller of Grant and Stone, who provided the materials. Thank you both.

Thank you to all our parents and coaches for supporting the school and all our hockey players, providing much needed post match refreshments, as well as equipment, kit and over 200+ hours of sessional coaching. We hope you enjoyed the pre-season hockey party and are looking forward to this season's fixtures.

A big thank you also to Friends of Music, who tirelessly provide refreshments for all musical events, and generally enhance the musical environment in practical ways, and enable us to purchase instruments that give the boys more opportunities. 

This year that particularly included two new electric pianos, a number of brass instruments for class use, a batch of clarinets that are allowing us to start a clarinet project just as we have the brass project, and a top up of guitars and ukuleles. All our events are a great success …. Thank you for supporting us by attending our events and working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Thank you for supporting the RGS Rowers. We are hugely grateful for your generosity as we continue to fundraise for a new boat for the boys. More boats = more opportunities.

Thank you to all of you for all your hard work and commitment through the cricket season. It would be an impossible job without your time and energy and we are ever grateful to have your support. Thank you to those who come back to play and inspire our future cricketers at our annual MCC fixture.