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Staff List 2020-2021


  • Mr P B Wayne, MusB (Manchester) NPQH


  • Mr A R Wallace, BA (Birmingham)


  • Mrs D C Booth, BEd (Exeter), NASENCo
  • Miss H R Munday, BA (Wales) NPQH 
  • Mr J I Scourfield, BEd (Brunel) 
  • Mr J N Eve, MA (St Andrews), MA (York)
  • Ms H M Forster , BSc (Imperial College)


  • Director of Sixth Form Mr S J Noyes, BA (Wales)
  • Assistant Director of Sixth Form Mrs S Tan, BA (London) NPQSL
  • Sixth Form Administrator, Mrs S J Wallace, MA (Edinburgh)



  • Director of Sixth Form  Mr S J Noyes 
  • Assistant Director of Sixth Form Mrs S Tan
  • Head of Year 11 Mr D P Gallagher
  • Head of Year 10  Mr D P Durning
  • Head of Year 9   Mr T M Fossey
  • Head of Year 8   Mr  L A Pettengell
  • Head of Year 7  Mr B E Rose


  • Mrs G C Francis, BA (Roehampton), Subject Leader
  • Miss J A Morrice, BA (Loughborough)
  • Mrs H J Davies BA (Plymouth)
  • Mr C G Bowen, Artist in Residence, BA (UWE); MA (RCA)


  • Mrs D J Dicks, MA(Natal), Subject Leader
  • Dr S R Matthews, BA (Warwick), MA (London), PhD (London)
  • Mrs F M Webber, BA (Birmingham)


  • Mr D M Travi, BA, DipM (Middlesex), Subject Leader
  • Dr A F Jackson, BSc (Bristol), MSc (Imperial College), PhD (Cantab)
  • Mr A P Lewis BA MSc (Bristol), ARSM, LLCM, MBCS


  • Mr D P Marshall, BA (Brighton), Subject Leader
  • Mrs S L Morsing, BA (Birmingham)
  • Mr M F Foley,  BA (Bucks New Uni) Design & Technology Technician
  • Mrs C Z Crownshaw, Cookery, BEd (Portsmouth)
  • Mrs J X Gregson Cookery Technician
  • Mrs V A Cameron Cookery Technician


  • Mr P X Bastow, MA (Oxon), Subject Leader
  • Mr D P Durning, BA (UWE)
  • Mr A M Newton, BSocSc (Birmingham)
  • Mrs S Z Byrd, BSc (Aston)


  • Mrs J L Holdsworth, BA (York), Subject Leader
  • Mr J N Eve, MA (St Andrews), MA (York) 
  • Mr N J Bevan, BA (London)
  • Mr M D O'Reilly, MA (Oxon) MA (Sussex)
  • Mr D G Corcoran  BA (Galway)
  • Mr G S Kirkham BA (Open)
  • Mrs R A Gilyeat, BA (Surrey)
  • Mr H X David BA (Sussex)
  • Miss N C McDonagh MA (Stirling)


  • Mrs J E Gazard, MA (Oxon), Subject Leader
  • Mr A R Wallace, BA (Birmingham) 
  • Mr A J Zair, BA (Leeds)
  • Miss M D Smith, BSC (Aberystwyth)
  • Mr C S Richardson, BSc (Kingston)


  • Mr S B Taylor MA (Edinburgh), Subject Leader
  • Mr B E Rose, BA (Gloucester), MA (Buckingham)
  • Miss C L Gibbs, BA (Brunel)
  • Miss L E Wilson BA (Nottingham)
  • Mr A A Powrie, MA (St Andrews)


  • Mr T A Woolliams, BSc (Bristol), Subject Leader
  • Mr R J Atkin, BSc (London)
  • Mr S J England B.Eng (Brunel)
  • Mr T M Fossey, BSc (Soton)
  • Mr D P Gallagher, M Math (Warwick) 
  • Mrs G M Gallagher, MA (Cantab) 
  • Mr T K Maruf, MEng (UCL), MSc (Surrey)
  • Mrs L M Woodbury, B. Eng (Sheffield)
  • Miss D L Bench BSc (Birmingham)
  • Mr S Z Armitage, FDSc, BSc (Middlesex)
  • Mr J T Wyncoll, BSc (Swansea)
  • Mr J A Graham
  • Mrs J B Holmes, BA (Birmingham), Maths Administrator



  • Mrs C Z Whybourn, BA (Northumbria), Subject Leader
  • Mr A C Balaam, BA (Exeter)
  • Mr S J Booth, BA (Oxford Brookes) MA (Sorbonne)
  • Mr K G Gueye, LLB (Paris XI Sceaux)
  • Mr S J Noyes, BA (Wales) 
  • Mrs R L Smith, MA (Oxon)
  • Mrs S Tan, BA (London)
  • Mr D A Wignall, BA  (Liverpool)
  • Mrs E X Dudrey, Language Assistant 


  • Mrs C E Javaid, MA (Dortmund, Germany), MA (Bristol), Subject Leader
  • Mr A C Balaam, BA (Exeter)
  • Mr D A Wignall, BA (Liverpool)
  • Mrs C Z Whybourn, BA (University of Northumbria)
  • Mrs E R Attock, MA (St Andrews), Language Assistant


  • Miss S K Lawson,  BA (Manchester), Head of MFL, Subject Leader
  • Mr K G Gueye, LLB Hons (Paris XI Sceaux)
  • Mr A X Silvey, BA (Birmingham)
  • Mrs S Tan, BA (London) 
  • Miss S A Egea, Language Assistant


  • Mrs R L Smith, MA (Oxon)


  • Mrs M S Merry, BA (Brunel)


  • Mrs F M Webber, BA (Birmingham)


  • Mr F X Mullaly, BA (Durham), DipABRSM, Director of Music
  • Mr J E Chitham-Mosley, BMus (Cardiff), ATCL
  • Mr P B Wayne, MusB (Manchester) NPQH
  • Mrs S X Tomkins, MA (Oxon), Music Department Administrator


  • Mrs R A Gilyeat, BA (Surrey), Subject Leader
  • Mrs D C Booth, BEd (Exeter)
  • Miss H R Munday, BA (Wales) NPQH 


  • Mrs J M Watson, BSc (Portsmouth); MSc (Warwick); MSc (UEL), Subject Leader
  • Mrs S X Naqvi, BSc (London)


  • Mrs S J Khan, MA (Nottingham), Subject Leader
  • Ms Z X Genders, BA (Nottingham)



  • Mr P J Wood, BSc (Sheffield), Subject Leader
  • Mrs N J Catling, BSc (London)
  • Mrs H M Forster, BSc (Imperial College) 
  • Mr A L Richardson BSc (Liverpool)
  • Mr L M Rowe-Elliot BSc (Hertfordshire) 
  • Dr G K Webb BSc (Essex), MB BS (London), BA (Brighton)
  • Mrs H M Manners BSc (UMIST)
  • Mrs S X Phelps, HNC (Hatfield), Biology Technician


  • Mr J H Young, MA, MSci, MEd (Cantab), Subject Leader
  • Dr M Goodier, BSc PhD (Nottingham)
  • Mr L A Pettengell, BSc (York), MEd (Cantab), MRSC
  • Dr G T Brown  BSc (Edinburgh), PhD (University College London)
  • Mrs H M Manners BSc (UMIST)
  • Miss A R Brown, BSc (Open), RSciTech, Chemistry Technician
  • Dr M Horn, BSc DPhil (Sussex), Laboratory Assistant Science


  •  Mr K X Watson MA (Cantab), Subject Leader
  • Mr P W Glendining, MA (Oxon)
  • Mr P X Hoyle BSc (Rhodes University SA)
  • Mr V S Chernov BSc (Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology)
  • Mr O H Harris  BSc (Bristol)
  • Mr G S Eadie, Physics Technician 


  • Mr D X Pettifer BSc (London), NPQSL, Director of Sport
  • Mr L A Huelin, BSc (Bath) RFU Level 3 Coaching, Subject Leader
  • Mr J I Scourfield, BEd (Brunel) 
  • Mr A H Fletcher, BSc (UWIC,) MA (UCLan), Head of Cricket
  • Mr S Z Clark, BSc (Nottingham), GB ACP, Head of Hockey
  • Mr J J Honeyben, BSc Sports Coaching & Management, RFU Level 4 Coaching, Head of Rugby
  • Ms O F Caesar BSC (Bath) MSc (Staffordshire), Resident Graduate Athletic Development Coach
  • Mr L Phipps Resident Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Mr E V Fuller BSc (Loughborough), Resident Graduate Athletic Development Coach


  • Mrs S V Azad, BSc MA (Warwick), Careers & Higher Education Lead
  • Ms H R Munday, BA (Wales) NPQH, University Entrance 
  • Mrs S E Booth BA (Birmingham), Careers Administrator


  • Mr D E Clatworthy, FRGS, MInstLM, Director of Co-Curricular Activities


  • Contingent Commander Sqn Ldr S R Matthews
  • OC Army Section Capt L A Pettengell
  • OC RAF Section Flt Lt G S Kirkham
  • Navy Section SLt A X Silvey
  • Navy Section Mr A P Powrie
  • Army Section Capt B E Rose
  • Army Section Lt S K Lawson
  • Army Section AUO L E Wilson
  • RAF Section Fg Off L Taylor
  • School Staff Instructor CSgt J W Barrett


  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo)   Mrs D C Booth, NASENCo
  • SEND Manager  Mrs L Taylor
  • Assistant SEND Manager   Mrs B M Haynes BA, PGCE
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs H Ashby-Rose BA 
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs S J Hart
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs N J Hinves BSc
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs R S Marchant MA
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs K R Quinn BA, DIP (CC)
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs S C Shaw BSc
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs C A Watts
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs A X Amarii BA
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs N X Anwar BA 
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs K L Strzelecka MSc
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs H S Khan MBA, MSc
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs S Q Sajjad BSc
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs L X Leonard


  • Headmaster’s PA Mrs D M Chick
  • School Office Manager/Deputy Headmaster’s PA  Mrs J E Hewitt
  • HR Manager Mrs S Y Black
  • Receptionist Mrs N Z Greggor 
  • Curriculum Support Manager  Mrs P Gamester
  • Curriculum Support Data & Administration Officer Mrs N J Wood
  • Examinations Officer  Mrs B A Hogarth
  • Student Development Assistant Mrs S Z Herath BA (Open)
  • Attendance Officer - Student Hub Mrs T L Wyncoll BA (London)
  • Cover Administrator - Student Hub Mrs N P Chan
  • Resources Manager Mrs T M Warner
  • Resources Assistant  Mrs S X Baker
  • Librarian Mrs J P Jones, BA (Leeds Poly)
  • Matron Mrs G Barry DipHE Child Branch Nursing, BSc (BCUC), RN (Children), RSCPHN (School Nursing)
  • Communications & Marketing Mrs L M Bignell
  • Development & Alumni Relations Mrs L A Marshall
  • Boarding Administrator Mrs D D Mynett BA (Keele) Chartered MCIPD (Bucks New Uni)
  • Boarding Administrator Mrs S Z Scourfield
  • Administrative Co-ordinator Mrs J D Turney 


  • Facilities & Estates Manager Mrs S A Osborn
  • Head Groundsman & Security Officer Mr H M Yendall
  • Assistant Groundsman  Mr P R Meads
  • Maintenance Supervisor  Mr I K Ruddick
  • Maintenance Assistant  Mr I X David
  • Maintenance Assistant  Mr S C Davies
  • Maintenance Assistant Ms J S Spence


  • Interim Finance Manager Mr A M Jones 
  • Finance Officer Mrs M E Stratton
  • Lettings & Finance Officer Mrs T M Stroud
  • Payroll Manager Mrs D J Alison


  • Head of IT & Digital Strategies Mrs E R Kemp
  • IT Operations Manager Mr S J Turner
  • IT Technician Mr J Z Chapman