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Equalities Duty Report

RGS High Wycombe report on compliance with the Equality Act 2010 for 2017 to 2018 and Objectives for 2018-19

Our new Mission and Vision statement reminds us all that we have an obligation to demonstrate equality of opportunity at all levels.

Together our mission is to develop and to become worldly-wise, self-assured, high-achievers through an exceptional all-round education.

Our vision is to be seen as world-class through offering those most naturally able, irrespective of their background, the best all-round education offered by a UK state school.

Assessment of the Longer Term objectives

1. Working towards the elimination of racist incidents

The school has continued to emphasise the core ethos of RGS, high aspiration and mutual respect across the educational experience students across all characteristics

We continue to:

  • foster good relationships across groups
  • ensure that school policy is sufficiently robust to deal with incidents
  • maintain an open dialogue with students
  • monitor racial incidents which are rare and dealt with appropriately
  • further plans include:
  • review of PHSE materials and the Behaviour Policy
  • to further promote the electronic whistleblowing process for students to anonymously report racist (and other) incidents

2. Improvement of facilities for the disabled/accessibility

  • The school has made significant progress in this area and with the support of Buckinghamshire County Council.
  • The school now has new accessible lavatories
  • There is a wheelchair lift so avoid the steps to the ‘Junior Block’
  • There is a lift installed to elevate those who need it from the Undercroft to the Queen’s Hall in which assemblies,
  • examinations and other large scale events take place.
  • We have added a further ramp (Biology)

Short Term Objectives for 2017-18 progress

1. Implementation of the bursary scheme to support boys from less well-off families access to boarding

The bursary and scholarship scheme, albeit nascent, is now in place

2. Analysis of exclusions by ethnicity with an action plan in place by the middle of the year

This has been done and reported through the appropriate channels. Our fixed term exclusion rate has reduced across all groups following the implementation of our new behaviour management process

3. Produce a directory of parental engagement to facilitate careers advice, fundraising support and involvement

Parental involvement to facilitate careers advice has been carried forward to next year’s operational plan; fundraising support and involvement is monitored through our new software and other audits

Short Term Objectives for 2018-19

1. To review the admissions policy in line with the Grammar School Heads Association/DfE Memorandum of Understanding to support social mobility

2. To develop a music tuition scheme to allow all year 7 students to learn a musical instrument for free, should they wish

3. To further build on our outreach work with local primary schools.