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CEIAG Visitor Booking Procedure

Due to changes in government regulations regarding COVID-19, school procedures and practices have been adapted. We are encouraging virtual visits and talks. If you are able to help, please contact our Careers Lead.
At RGS, we are committed to making sure all of our students are comprehensively informed about the full range of learning and training routes available to them. As part of our commitment, we are happy to consider any requests from training providers, vocational education and apprenticeship providers who would like to speak to our students about their offering.

Main Careers Events

We always welcome provider input at our main Careers events throughout the school year and may even approach providers ourselves during the planning stages to ensure we have a wide selection of options available for our students to consider.

Our Careers events provide ample opportunities for providers to speak to our students and parents, both individually and in groups, about the vocational, technical and apprenticeship routes available to them. The events are usually held in the Queen’s Hall and the timings, facilities, parking and registration details are emailed to exhibitors in good time. The dates for these events are accessible via the Careers category on the School Calendar and any enquiries should be directed to our Careers Lead in the first instance.

Whole Year Assembly Slots

As well as our events, we also have a number of whole year group assembly slots where providers can speak for a maximum of 10 minutes to a whole year group of around 200 students about their offering. These sessions are held in our main assembly hall and we can provide access to a whiteboard projector and speakers if they are required. Please be aware that these slots are usually only on offer during the early part of the Autumn and Spring terms, as the hall is used for exams throughout the remainder of the year.

For any enquiries relating to assembly slots, please complete our CEIAG visitor booking form below or email this to our Careers Lead.

If you are a provider who is unable to attend an assembly or career event or if you wish to promote an event that you are hosting yourselves, please contact the Careers Lead with all of the details and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Requests for Visits

All requests to visit RGS should be emailed to the Careers Lead at least 6 weeks (a school half term) in advance of the expected date of the planned session. All requests will be given due consideration by the Careers Lead and Senior Team and the response will come from the Careers Lead.

Requests will only be refused if:

  • they impinge on students’ preparation for public or internal exams
  • they clash with other school events such as visits, other speakers, well-being days, school photographs, sports days, public or internal exams, parental communication events etc
  • the school is unable to provide staff to support the presentation or talk due to previous commitments
  • a suitable location for the talk or event is unable to be found due to timetabling clashes

For requests that are approved, we will provide clear instructions before the event on where to park, how to register, who will be accompanying you (and their details), which room you will be presenting in and what facilities are available in this location.

The CEIAG Form

The CEIAG form asks providers to provide the following information:

  • Their role
  • The training, vocational or apprenticeship provider they represent
  • The aim of the presentation
  • How many provider staff will be visiting and their names
  • If any support is required from school staff on the day

If the request is for an assembly slot, we would need to know:

  • The number of students that the presentation or session is designed for
  • The length of the talk or presentation and the target year group it is aimed at
  • Any facilities required in the session

If the request is notification of an event at an off-site venue, we would need to know:

  • The timings of the day
  • A list of other invited schools and providers
  • Any accessible funding steams for transport costs
  • A visitor risk assessment of the venue

As part of RGS’ wider CEIAG policy, the range of careers provision for students is reported every academic year to the school’s Senior Team and Headteacher.

If you have any questions or require further information on our wider CEIAG policy document, please contact our Careers Lead either via email or by calling Reception on 01494 524955.