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Boarding Prizes

I would like to state that I am so proud of our boarders this year. They have coped so well with all the pandemic has thrown at them, and it is hard to single out individuals. All have done so well with various levels of self-isolation, online school, lockdown with half of the boarders at home and half being able to attend boarding. Despite all of this rarely ever a moan and just loads of enthusiasm and energy. It is truly humbling to see how resilient they have been. I have every confidence that academically the Yr 13s and Yr 11s will gain some exceptional results, and we wish those leaving boarding and RGS the very best for their future.

Jon Scourfield, Head of Boarding

Boarding Prizes

Gamester Award

This is given to the Boarder or boarders who have given most to the house and opitimise the ethos and spirit of Fraser Youens House. Awarded to Dan Hetzel and Rory Brady of Year 13.

Junior Boarding Award

This is given to the Boarder or boarders in Year 9 who have given the most to the house as a junior boarder. Awarded to Raymond Mafeni of Year 9.

Boarder of the Week

This can be given to any boarder or even a member of staff who has contributed to boarding or school life. It can be awarded for academic success, work ethic, supporting other boarders, co-curricular involvement and a host of other reasons. It is voted upon each week by the Housemasters/mistress team. The boarder then gets to select the ‘meal of the week’ for the remainder of the whole boarding house.

Winners of Boarder of the Week

Samuel Gaines  Yr 12 Best GCSE results in house.
Arya Mukherjee Yr 9 Raising money for NHS charity during lockdown.
Theo D/Gareth A/Josh Yr 10s Awarded to 3 students during virtual prize giving from last year contribution to school and boarding life.
Ross Bleakley Yr 11 Excellent in Art.
Noah Byrne Yr 12 Great start and fantastic attitude in helping younger students.
Theo Harris Yr 13 Passed Gold DofE practical – canoeing at half term.
Bilal Ahmed Yr 11 Huge improvement on ATL grades and overall attainment.
Ben Kelland Yr 13 Award of army scholarship.
Zain Khan Yr 7 Brilliant effort in House Football.
Louis Antoine Yr 8 Attitude towards school and boarding life
Ernie Newbold Yr 7 Xmas comps winner plus great start in Jan 21 during lockdown
Arya Mukherjee Yr 9 Helping belay in activity for Climbing.
Alex Morrison Yr 11 Very good Yr 11 Grades and ATL
J Allinson Yr 12 Excellent start great grades, joining in all aspects of boarding life and has his very own Economics podcast.
Theo Harris Yr 13 Gained Gold DofE.
Theo Davis Yr 10 Exceptional grades.
Will Evans Yr 12 Gained selection for England training squad rugby.
Leo Pennant and Xavier Davis Yr 12 Being the team leaders of the winning Easter egg hunt.
Kai Rancurel Yr 8 Positive feedback from teachers regarding Maths.
Leo Pennant Yr 12 Appointed as New Head of House
Finn Robinson Yr 9 Helping in DofE
Bilal Ahmed Yr 11, Awad E Yr 9, Sarim Yr 8, Haris Yr 7 Yr 11 All fasted during Ramadan
Bethel Imasuen Yr 9 Great play and incredible hitting in House Softball. Playing in the spirit intended.
Raymond Mafeni Yr 9 Junior Boarding award.
Haris Mian Yr 7 Prefect’s choice for Boarders Football tournament.
Gareth A Yr 10 Exceptional end of Year exam results.
Josh Ludick Yr 10 Marketing and advice video for boarding.
Ibraheem Fattah/Thomas Schofield/Ernie Newbold Yr 7 Great speeches for Yr 6 Transition evening.