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Fraser Youens GoApe

Toyosi shares his experience at GoApe

At roughly 11.40 I left my house to get to boarding early. If you were early you woulda be privileged with some lunch. Arriving earlier than expected, I accompanied my mum to my room to sort a few bits and pieces. After about 30 minutes (and a few late appearances), we started the voyage to Go Ape, a treacherous journey which we hoped we could survive. Once we arrived, we took a few moments to gather ourselves together, preparing goodbyes for our loved ones should things take a turn for the worst, and we fell 4 whole foot, to our deaths. Finally we all started and we went through the practice course. It was the main things such as a Tarzan swing, Zip lines and detaching and attaching the equipment. More about the infamous Tarzan swing later. We were set into groups and I was put with Awad (a fellow year 7) and Mr Silvey, a boarding master. Together we set off to site 1 where we awaited our first challenge, doing our best impressions of celebrities from I'm a Celeb. We climbed up the steps hesitantly and cautiously traversed over the first challenge. Then we took on the Tarzan swing which took me some trouble to overcome, luckily after some persuading I did it! And after my loudest, most Tarzanesque shout, I felt truly like a man. After a bunch of sites, Zip lines and one exciting Tarzan swing, we reached the end of the sites. We all had achieved something, me personally feeling a great sense of self growth, after that Go Ape I could've done anything! Except double maths on a Monday morning. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we were all exhausted after our adventures,  and ready to have dinner in the boarding house. The chefs had prepared a truly delightful roast dinner, and my mouth watered at the thought of it. I really did enjoy my time at Go ape and I think it is a great way to socialize with others and just have a fun time, while also facing your fears. Go Ape was my first extremely enjoyable activity with RGS and I imagine there is loads more fun to come.