The RGS Gazette, Issue 8, Spring 2023

1 As strikes become more frequent and widespread, hospitals are plagued by chronic understaffing. As waiting lists spiral, it is clear that the NHS is facing unprecedented pressure. Indeed, in a recent report, the cross party House of Lords Services committee went so far as to characterise its present state as a “national emergency.” To better understand these problems and how they are affecting NHS workers, I interviewed an anaesthetist at Wexham Park Hospital, Dr C, who has experienced first hand the tumults across the service over the past few years. One key issue which NHS workers are currently facing is equipment shortages. Dr C described “almost weekly” shortages of critical drugs or other resources used on a daily basis. This is a problem in hospitals across the UK, with 16 active serious shortage protocols (SSPs) at the time of writing. Considering this, it is unsurprising that the quality of the equipment has deteriorated, as hospitals are sourcing from “a panoply of different providers,” some of which are described by Dr C as “seemingly unproven” and ineffective. Another critical problem for NHS workers is the ongoing effects of COVID. Because of the virus, “a lot of elective lists were put on hold,” which must be dealt with before current demand can be handled. While the “Waiting List Initiative” and similar programs have been implemented to process this backlog, even now Dr C says that, from her experience, policies are “vague” and the response is not always “coherent.” There has also been an “objective loss” in terms of Chief Editor: Max Littlewood The RGS Gazette Issue 8- March 2023 In this issue Editors: News p1 Inside the NHS Crisis Oscar Panayi (Year 10) looks at the plethora of problems facing the National Health Service, and how these are affecting workers, including an exclusive interview with an anaesthetist at Wexham Park Hospital. Striking NHS workers in February Features The Arts Sports p7 p10 p16 Izzi Lewis, Oscar Panayi Editor: Jonathan Alabi Editors: Jake Brown, Eli King Editor: James Palin Contents News 1 Inside the NHS Crisis 3 Biden vs Trump 5 UCAS to scrap personal statement 6 TurkeyGreece tensions flare Features 7 The importance of foreign art 9 Are you my teacher?: Mr Horn 9 How can AI boost productivity? The Arts 10 Teachers' Albums 12 Review: The Last of Us 13 Review: This is going to hurt Sports 16 Interview with Phil Sharp 18 The Ukraine War and Sport 19 Senior Rugby Match Report 14 Mythos: Ragnarok p20 Photos 20 RGSHW A term in photos Photos