Foundation Year 7

There are many ways that parents can support their son as he progresses through the RGS, and the Foundation Year is obviously a very important time for the boys.

At the RGS we encourage a close home-school relationship and believe that good communication and support are important ingredients of success.

Whilst boys are encouraged to be independent and able to look after themselves, help and support can be helpful to begin with. Do not underestimate the support that your son may require!

Here are a few suggestions of the ways in which parents can play an active role to support their son in Year 7:


This important book should be with boys at all times, and is used to record homework, among other things. You will receive a copy of your son's homework timetable when he starts in September, and will therefore be aware of what homework he should be receiving.

We ask parents to sign the planner weekly, and the form tutor will also check it regularly. Entries should be legible, preferably neat, and in sufficient detail to be helpful. Feel very free to discuss the contents of the planner with your son! Parents are also invited to add comments in the relevant section, and can thus communicate directly with the form tutor or another member of staff in this way.


For many boys, the transition to secondary school can be challenging, as the organisation required can be a bit of a shock. Boys are constantly moving between classrooms and need to be correctly equipped for each lesson.

Boys also need to make sure they have the correct books and equipment in school each day. It is a good idea to make sure that the school bag is "packed and ready to go" the night before, so there are no sudden panics in the morning, and help with this may be needed, until you feel that your son is in a routine and can manage on his own.


Good use of lockers can play an important role in aiding organisation. Books stored at school are less likely to be forgotten. Boys should also not be carrying 15kg of materials with them everywhere they go!


It is a good idea for boys to develop a routine, and particularly so where homework is concerned. They will receive advice about his early on in their PSHCE lessons. Doing homework at a regular time each day, in a suitable working environment can go a long way to helping achieve the right outcomes. Letting homework pile up, and the infamous "leaving it till the last minute" are also practices to be avoided too!

We suggest:

  • a consistent organised environment in a quiet place
  • same time same place each day
  • don't let it build up
  • don't rush it
  • parents take an interest and check boys are doing homework successfully




  • 08.30 - Boys arrive in school
  • 08.45 to 09.00 - Junior School - Assembly
  • 09.15 to 09.50 - Lesson 1
  • 09.50 to 10.30 - Lesson 2
  • 10.30 to 11.05 - Lesson 3
  • 11.05 to 11.45 - Lesson 4
  • 11.45 to 12.15 - Morning Break
  • 12.15 to 12.50 - Lesson 5
  • 12.50 to 13.30 - Lesson 6
  • 13.30 to 14.20 - Lunch Break
  • 14.20 to 14.25 - Afternoon Registration
  • 14.25 to 15.00 - Lesson 7
  • 15.00 to 15.40 - Lesson 8
  • 15.40 - Boys leave school




In Year 7 boys will pursue the National Curriculum studying the following subjects either substantively, or as part of ‘modules’. Most of these will be taught in specialist rooms.

  • English
  • Art
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • Design Technology
  • History
  • French
  • Music
  • Biology
  • Latin
  • P.E.
  • Chemistry
  • Religious Education
  • Games
  • Physics
  • Drama
  • ICT
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