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CCF (Army, RAF, RN)

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is an organisation that allows young people to develop a range of life skills. Cadets exercise responsibility and leadership throughout and gain practical skills and knowledge as they participate in a wide range of challenging activities.

Based on the core values of the military services, the CCF promotes the qualities of:

  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Discipline
  • Respect for others
  • Selfless commitment

CCF imparts basic knowledge and understanding of the Armed Forces; it is not a recruiting service.


Boys join the CCF in Years 10, 11 and 12 and many stay until the end of Year 13.

There are three sections:

  • Royal Navy
  • Army
  • Royal Air Force

Each service follows a separate but overlapping syllabus. More information on each service syllabus can be found on their respective pages in the menu on the left.

The CCF parades every Thursday at school and cadets venture off-site for visits, weekend camps, week-long camps and courses.

Shooting and Safety

As part of the CCF, cadets undergo shooting and safety training. As well as proficiency, the CCF teaches cadets the necessary discipline that goes with the responsibility of handling weapons. Lessons and exercises are carried out under the supervision of qualified instructors.


The CCF runs field weekends at various military training areas throughout the year. Cadets can attend leadership or skill development courses during the holidays. Accounts of some of our activities can be found on the CCF pages.

The CCF can be summed up with one word: opportunity. At very little cost, cadets are encouraged to explore and expand their mental and physical horizons; they engage in activities that develop their leadership, teamwork, responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.


Excellent work from the two Platoon Commanders on the day
Did you know?
OW's awarded Victoria Crosses for gallantry in WWI and WWII