At the RGS the boys get lots of opportunities to try their hand at competitive maths!

UKMT Maths Challenge

A large number of boys get the opportunity to participate in the individual Maths Challenge. This comprises multiple choice questions designed to test your problem-solving skills rather than your command of the school curriculum. Past papers and solutions can be found at this site - just choose the relevant option from the menu on the left.

Each year a number of our boys score highly enough to reach the Olympiad and later rounds of the competition.

UKMT Team Challenge

The RGS enters a four-man team into the Team Maths Challenge (TMC - years 8 and 9) and the Senior Team Maths Challenge (STMC - years 11-13). The competition, played against other schools, is designed to emphasize communication, teamwork and mathematical dexterity. See this page for more details.


Dr. Puritz, a member of the department and a distinguished mathematician, releases a new set of Posers approximately every half term. These questions are designed to stretch boys beyond the normal curriculum and to encourage their problem solving skills and communication - to win a tasty treat, boys must submit carefully worked written solutions. The latest questions are available here. Speak to your teacher or Mr. Gallagher if you would like more details.

Hans Woyda

The Hans Woyda team mathematics competition runs in and around the London area. Teams of four (year 9, year 11, year 12 and year 13) compete against each other in a variety of rounds covering algebra, geometry and so on. The RGS has fared very well in the competition, normally getting through to the later rounds and reaching the final only a few years ago. A sample of the questions can be found here.

Year 10 Team Maths Challenge

Each year the department enters a team into the Year 10 Team Maths Challenge run by FMSP (Further Maths Support Programme). This features extended problem-solving as well as shorter Countdown-style rounds and a fun relay-maths format for the finale!