Gifted and Talented

The RGS boasts a large number of gifted mathematicians, and the department offers a large number of oportunities to help these young stars to develop.

Extra-Curricular Lessons

A number of  boys in each year group who display exceptional ability and dedication work once a week in a separate group during their normal maths lesson time on more advanced problems and techniques


Approximately every half term, the next set of Posers: mathematical puzzles, open to all, with prizes of chocolate for those who hand in worked solutions. For more information, see the Competitions page.

Maths Challenge

A large number of boys receive training towards and take part in the UKMT maths challenges each year, with a significant number making it through to the later rounds of the competition. See the Competitions page for more details.

Extension Maths Books

All students have the opportunity to to extend their mathematical investigations in the classroom using the Alpha, Beta and Gamma extension textbooks from respected author Tony Gardiner.


Within the context of our Maths and Computing Specialism, we encourage our boys to make full use of the many challenging math websites, including:

  • Mymaths
    A massive resource, like an online textbook but with interactive lessons, online-marked exercises, revision booster packs and games. Each boy receives a password via the school's subscription.
  • Mei (Mathematics in Education and Industry)
    An A-Level resource with revision notes, practice and extension exercises and interactive demonstrations. A number of boys receive a password via the school's subscription.
  • Nrich
    Enrichment activities for all key-stages from Camrbidge University. Includes articles, competitions and discussions.
  • Plus Maths Magazine
    An online mathematics journal for schools. Part of the Millennium Maths Project.
  • Mathworld
    A huge mathematical encyclopedia with interactive resources.


The department has a large number of recreational and technical maths books available to loan to students, within the main school library and in a separate collection. Speak to your maths teacher or Mr. Phillips for more information.


The department organises a number of enrichment trips and attendance at masterclasses local and national. For more information, see the Trips page or speak to your maths teacher.