A-Level (Years 12-13)


Depending on the options chosen, boys will be set with class sizes of between ten and twenty. The material covered is dependent on options rather than sets.



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Single Mathematics

Whatever options the boys choose, they will follow the Edexcel specification. Typically, boys taking single maths will study both pure and applied (mechanics and statistics) maths. They will have seven periods of maths and three to four hours' homework, shared between two teachers, per week.

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Further Mathematics

There is a great tradition of Further Mathematics students at the RGS, and boys choose to study between 9 and 18 modules, again following the Edexcel specification, with a mixture of classroom teaching and self-study work. They will have twelve periods of maths and six to eight hours' homework, shared between three teachers, per week.


Boys are tested during mock week and will take their external module exams in either January or the summer. Additional tests are frequently set by individual teachers.


Results can be found in the Academic section of the RGS website under the heading AS / A Level Results.