GCSE (Years 10-11)


Boys are placed in one of sets 1-4 for their GCSE studies. Set 1 study for the OCR Additional Mathematics FSMQ in addition to the normal Mathematics GCSE. Set 2 study for the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths on top of their GCSE. Class sizes vary from 16 to 32. 



Almost all boys take the Higher Tier papers for the AQA Mathematics GCSE. They typically have five periods of mathematics and two or three homeworks of around 40 minutes each per week.

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OCR Additional Mathematics

Boys in sets 1 and 2 take the OCR Additional Mathematics FSMQ, which they study during year 11. This is not an extra GCSE but a Free Standing Mathematics Qualification, which helps to stretch the boys and to prepare them for the more rigorous demands of A-Level mathematics.

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Boys are tested within the school at the end of each "module" (approximately every 2-3 weeks). There is an end-of-year exam in year 10 which consists of GCSE past paper questions. All boys take their Edexcel Linear Mathematics GCSE exams (two papers) at the end of year 11. The RGS does not encourage boys to take their GCSE earlier than year 11 as it is felt that continued experience with more difficult material helps boys in the most advanced GCSE questions. Boys from sets 1 and 2 take their OCR Additional Mathematics FSMQ exam at the end of year 11.


Edexcel GCSE:


  % A*-A % A*-C
2012 87.1 100
2011 88.7 100
2010 85.2 100
2009 75.1 100
2008 83.7 100
2007 72.8 99.5

OCR Additional Maths FSMQ:


  % A % Pass
2012 67.8 98.9
2011 43 91
2010 26.1 95.7
2009 36.7 76.7
2008 27.1 74.8
2007 21.7 69.8