How to help your son!

Stuck with simultaneous equations? Puzzled by Pythagoras? How can you best help your son to get the best out of his mathematical education at the RGS? Read the answers to the questions below...

  • My son doesn't understand his homework. What should he do? Open or Close
    • First, he should have a go! Even if the work is wrong, it is infinitely better to try and come up short this time than try nothing and learn nothing!
    • Second, he should write down anything he can that might be relevant to the problem, even if he's not sure how it all fits together.
    • Third, he should use his textbook and any websites to help (e.g. Mymaths, BBC Bitesize).
    • Fourth, he should speak to his teacher next lesson about what he couldn't do so that we can find a way forward. The chances are that others also struggled...

    See the Support Available section of this site for more information on the options offered by the Maths Department

  • My son doesn't seem to be doing enough homework. How much should he have? Open or Close

    That depends on what year group he is in:

    • Years 7-9: about 30 minutes, twice a week
    • Years 10-11: about 40 minutes, two or three times a week
    • Years 12-13: around three-four hours a week, or double that if he is taking Further Mathematics
  • What is the best way for my son to revise for his exams? Open or Close

    There are lots of options available:

    • Get hold of a topic ticklist (from your teacher or the VLE or the relevant section of this website) and use it
    • Use your notes and your textbook creatively... Your son will be guided through revision techniques in PSHCE and at other times in school, but he should look to use spider diagrams, cue cards or any technique which helps
    • Past papers! The single most effective route to success for GCSE and A-Level students
    • Use Mymaths, BBC Bitesize or other websites
    • Revision sessions for GCSE and A-Level students run by RGS staff (ask a teacher for more information)
    • Easter Revision Course run at the RGS (ask a teacher or see the link on the left for more information)
    • Revision guides: available from bookshops and newsagents. Note that for GCSE and A-Level we follow the Edexcel curriculum, though in any case you should have a look at a selection and choose the one that seems best suited to you - Letts Guides are often excellent
  • What can I do to help stretch my son in mathematics? Open or Close
    See the Gifted and Talented section of this website.