The study of art at the RGS is a journey of exploration. There is continuity in the process from Year 7 through GCSE and A Level. Projects are designed to stretch the boy’s appreciation and understanding of aesthetic, technical and conceptual aspects of their work, and this interactive process helps to build understanding and confidence.

In Year 7, boys work on three projects over the year. Unit 1 introduces core skills in observational drawing, research, development of ideas towards a mixed media painting. In Unit 2, ‘Art from Art’ we learn how ideas come from looking at other artists work and develop graphical art techniques including using computer aided design. In Unit 3 we go on an adventure of experimental drawing, learning both traditional and unconventional drawing techniques using observation, memory and imaginative approaches.

In Year 8 we study the forms and structures found in nature, look at world cultures and society as an inspiration for our art work and in Unit 6 the natural landscape forms the source of ideas for our work.

At GCSE and A level we study fine art which reflects both issues associated with contemporary art practice and the experimental and expressive nature of the art department.

Boys are given substantial support with individual tutorials and feedback which enables them to make progress and develop self directed study skills. Boys also benefit from life drawing workshops, field trips and visits to both national and international sites.

At A Level we follow a certification called FINE ART because it reflects the experimental and expressive nature of the work of the department and allows boys to work in a way that develops personal ideas. Our approach promotes thinking processes and develops understanding of context and purpose. 

Art Department Drawing Workshops

During the recent Open Evenings the Art Department ran two drawing workshops with Year 8 and 9 pupils to give visitors a taste of what goes on in the Art rooms:




Art helps the boys express their emotions through creativityCurrent Teacher