The Army Section of the RGSHW CCF is the oldest part of the Contingent having been formed in 1948 when the school’s Officers Training Corps (founded in 1909) amalgamated to become the Combined Cadet Force. The RGSHW CCF Army Section, known as ‘Youens Company’ after Fredrick Youens VC, was affiliated to the Royal Green Jackets up until February 2007 when this Regiment became part of The Rifles. We now enjoy links with the 7th Battalion, The Rifles who are an Army Reserve unit based in Reading.


The ‘Army Proficiency Certificate’ or APC cadet syllabus is divided into two main parts, APC Basic and APC Advanced. Each part takes approximately one academic year to complete and is supplemented by adventure training. During their second year, cadets are also expected to complete the Cadet Force Instructional Techniques syllabus which trains them to deliver lessons to the junior cadets in a variety of theory and skills based topics. From Year 11, cadets have the opportunity to attend externally run courses of instruction such as the Frimley Park Cadet Leadership Course. In Year 12 and 13 cadets are expected to take on leadership roles within the Company, planning and conducting training for their 30-strong cadet platoons.

APC Basic: Drill, Military Knowledge (ranks and unit history), use of map and compass, weapons training (.22 rifle and L98A2 Cadet GP rifle), Fieldcraft (camouflage, movement, obstacle crossing, formations, patrols) and Self Reliance (country code, camp craft, basic First Aid).

APC Advanced: Advanced Map and Compass, L86A2 Light Support Weapon training, Fieldcraft (battle drills, ambushes, orders theory and practice, night work, patrols) and First Aid scenarios.