Beyond the Syllabus & Support


Beyond the Syllabus

The department has always recognized the value of education beyond the confines of exam syllabi, and all teachers stretch and challenge learners in the course of lessons with material extra to the requirements of the exam boards.  In addition we run an Astronomy Club, a Year 7-9 science club, we organize visits to places of interest, and can work on projects with individuals or groups of students where a particular idea has fired imagination.  We also enter students in the Physics Olympiad & Challenge tests.

Support for Pupils

The department organizes regular sessions to help students with their understanding of particular issues and there is a regular drop in session in Tuesday lunchtimes. Outside of this, all teachers are ready and willing to meet up with students to help them with any areas of difficulty they may have.  We also have a range of resources (e.g. different textbooks, websites) which can be of use to students.  There is also programme of peer mentoring in place for Key Stage 4 and 5 students who are supported in their studies by sixth form students, and for Key Stage 3 students who are supported by Year 10 and 11 boys.

Science Club

This club meets on Friday lunchtimes under the supervision of Mr Young (Chemistry) and Mr Perry (Physics). This is open to any Year 7-9 student who would like to attend.  Rocket launching, making sticky stuff and dissecting fish are three of the items on the menu...

Astronomy Club

The club meets after school on Mondays on the Physics floor of the Science Building.  A whole variety of astronomical topics are discussed, and thanks to its leader - Mr Glendining - it has a growing collection of equipment including a Refracting Telescope, a Solar Telescope and a sextant...

University Physics Preparation

This is a voluntary group of mainly sixth form physics students (though all are welcome) at 13:35 on a Monday in P1, who are thinking of applying to study Physics or Engineering at university. Problem solving methods are discussed and applied to tricky issues in Physics with a view to developing thinking skills.  This is particularly useful for those preparing for university interviews, but fun for all. We use other sessions to expose students to ideas in physics which will be new - for example, fluid flow, special relativity, cosmology, gyroscopes and dual beam CROs to name but five.

Physics Olympiad

The department takes part in this academically rigorous national competition each year. We regularly have students winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Yr 13 Physics Olympiad. Last year we gained 7 Gold and Silver and in the AS Challenge, and last year a Shravan Gowrishankar was placed in the top five nationally in the GCSE Physics Challenge and was invited to the Royal Society to receive his award.