Staff List 2017 - 2018


  • Mr P B Wayne

Deputy Headmaster

  • Mr A R Wallace, BA (Birmingham) 

Assistant Heads

  • Mrs D C Booth, BEd (Exeter) 
  • Miss H R Munday, BA (Wales) NPQH 
  • Mr J I Scourfield,BEd (Brunel) 
  • Mr J Eve, MA (St Andrews), MA (York)
  • Ms H M Forster , BSc (Imperial College)

Sixth Form

  • Director of Sixth Form Mr S J Noyes, BA (Wales)
  • Assistant Director of Sixth Form Mrs S Tan, BA (London)
  • University Entrance Ms H R Munday
  • Oxbridge Mr P Wayne
  • Higher Education & Careers Ms L Sowah
  • Higher Education & Careers Assistant Mrs Tomkins, MA (Oxon)


  • Head of Boarding and Senior Housemaster   Mr J I Scourfield
  • Housemaster (Pastoral) Mr T C Hollyer
  • Housemistress (Academic)  Mrs G M Gallagher

Please refer to the web page for Boarding Staff

Heads of Year 

  • ‚ÄčPupil Development Years 7-11 Mrs D C Booth
  • Head of Year 12/13   Mr S J Noyes 
  • Head of Year 11/12  Mrs S Tan
  • Head of Year 11/10  Mr D Durning
  • Head of Year 9/8   Mr A Zair
  • Head of Year 8/9   Mr T Fossey
  • Head of Year 7  Mr B E Rose
  • Homework Club Mr J Eve


  • Ms G Francis, BA (Roehampton) (Head of Department)
  • Miss J A Morrice, BA (Loughborough)
  • Ms H Davies BA (Plymouth)
  • Mr C Bowen, Artist in Residence, BA (UWE); MA RCA


  • Mrs D J Dicks, MA(Natal) (Head of Department)
  • Mr S R Matthews, MA (London) BA (Warwick)
  • Mrs F M Webber, BA (Birmingham)


Computing / IT

  • Mr D M Travi, BA, DipM (Middlesex)  (Head of Department) 
  • Dr A F Jackson (CAM)
  • Mr D Druce (Oxon)


Design & Technology

  • Mr D P Marshall, BA (Brighton) (Head of Department)
  • Mrs S L Morsing, BA (Birmingham)
  • Mrs C Crownshaw, Cookery, BEd (Portsmouth)
  • Mr M F Foley, Design & Technology Technician


Economics / Business Studies

  • Mr P Bastow, MA (Oxon) (Head of Department)
  • Mr C R Greenhough, BA (UWE)
  • Mr D Durning, BA, (Reading) 
  • Mr M Arnold (UCNW/Oxford Brooks)

English and Drama

  • Mrs J L Holdsworth, BA (York) (Acting Subject Leader for English)
  • Mrs S Corbishley, BA (Reading) (Head of Department - maternity leave)
  • Mr N J Bevan, BA (London)
  • Mrs R Gilyeat, BA (Surrey)
  • Mr M D O'Reilly, MA (Oxon) MA (Sussex)
  • Mr D Corcoran (Acting Key Stage Leader for English)
  • Mr G Kirkham BA (Open)
  • Mr H David


  • Mrs J E Gazard, MA (Oxon) (Head of Department)
  • Mr T C Hollyer, BA (Newcastle)
  • Mr A R Wallace, BA (Birmingham) (Assistant Head)
  • Mr A J Zair, BA (Leeds)
  • Miss M Smith, BSC (Aberystwyth)


  • Mr S B Taylor MA (Edinburgh) (Head of Department)
  • Mr F M Hammons, BA (Leicester)
  • Mr P D Mead, BA (Exeter)
  • Mr B E Rose, BA (Glos)
  • Mr D Hugh
  • Mr H David


  • Mr T A Woolliams, BSc (Bristol)  (Head of Department)
  • Mr R J Atkin, BSc (London)
  • Mr S J England B.Eng (Brunel)
  • Mr T M Fossey, BSc (Soton)
  • Mr D P Gallagher, MMath (Warwick) 
  • Mrs G M Gallagher, MA (Cantab) 
  • Mrs J B Holmes, BA (Birmingham) 
  • Mr J A Rizk (Assistant Subject Leader for Maths)
  • Mrs C A Wells, BA (Oxford Brookes)
  • Mrs L M Woodbury, B. Eng (Sheffield)
  • Mrs S Patel
  • Mr R A Symington

Modern Foreign Languages


  • Mrs C Whybourn (Head of Department)
  • Mr A C Balaam, BA (Exeter)
  • Mr S J C Booth, BA (Oxford Brookes) MA (Sorbonne)
  • Mr K G Gueye, LLB (Paris XI Sceaux)
  • Miss S Lawson, BA (Manchester)
  • Mr S J Noyes, BA (Wales) 
  • Mrs R L Smith, MA (Oxon)
  • Mrs S Tan, BA (London)
  • Mr D A Wignall, BA (Liverpool)
  • Mrs E Dudrey, Language Assistant 


  • Mr A R Yeates BA (London) (Head of MFL and German)
  • Mr A C Balaam, BA (Exeter)
  • Mrs A G Hulley, 
  • Mr D A Wignall, BA (Liverpool)
  • Mrs A Hulley, Language Assistant 


  • Miss S K Lawson, BA (Manchester) (Head of Department)
  • Mr K G Gueye, LLB Hons (Paris XI Sceaux)
  • Mr A Silvey, BA (Birmingham)
  • Mrs S Tan, BA (London) 
  • Miss F De Gea Garcia, Language Assistant


  • Mrs R L Smith, MA (Oxon)


  • Mrs M S Merry, BA (Brunel)


  • Mrs F M Webber, BA (Birmingham)


  • Mr T P Venvell, MA (Cantab), ARCO (Director of Music)
  • Mr F Mullaly, BA (Durham), DipABRSM (Assistant Director of Music)
  • Mrs S Tomkins, MA (Oxon) (Music Department Administrator)


  • Mrs J M Watson, BSc (P'mouth); MSc (Warwick); MSc (UEL)
  • Mrs D C Booth, BEd (Exeter) (Head of Pupil Development Years 7-11)
  • Ms S Naqvi (UCL)


  • Mrs S Khan



  • Mr P J Wood, BSc (Sheffield), (Head of Department)
  • Mrs N J Catling, BSc (London)
  • Mr E J Wolton, BSc (London) 
  • Ms E H Bishop
  • Ms L A Sowah
  • Mrs E Watson BSc MA (Oxon)
  • Mrs S Phelps, Biology Technician, HNC (Hatfield)


  • Mr J H Young, MA, MSci, MEd (Cantab), (Head of Department)
  • Miss E H Bishop
  • Dr M Goodier, BSc PhD (Notts)
  • Mr L A Pettengell, BSc (York)
  • Dr G T Brown
  • Dr M Horne, Laboratory Assistant (Science)
  • Miss A R Brown, Chemistry Technician, BSc (Open)


  •  Mr K Watson MA (Cantab) (Head of Department)
  • Mrs P Dove, BA (York), MSc (London)
  • Mr P W Glendining, MA (Oxon)
  • Mr P Hoyle
  • Mr V S Chernov
  • Mr G S Eadie, Physics Technician 


  • Director of Sport Mr D Pettifer
  • Athletics  Mr D Pettifer
  • Badminton  Mr F Hammons
  • Basketball  Mr D Pettifer
  • Cricket  Mr B Berryman (Head of Cricket)
  • Cross Country  Mr D P Gallagher
  • Eton Fives Mr A Silvey
  • Fencing  Mr J Eve 
  • Fencing Coach  Mrs J Douglas
  • Golf  Mr D Wignall
  • Hockey Mr S Clark (Head of Hockey)
  • Karate (Practical)  Dr J W Titchen
  • Tennis  Mrs L M Woodbury
  • Rowing  Mr C de Kock
  • Rugby Mr J Honeyben (Head of Rugby)
  • Swimming Mr B Berryman
  • Sports Administrator   Mrs C Henry

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award 

  • DofE Manager, Mr C R Greenhough
  • DofE Co-ordinator, Mrs C Henry

Combined Cadet Force

  • Officer Commanding - Major L A Sowah TA
  • CCF - Navy OC Lt Cdr C R Greenhough RNR (2ic)
  • CCF - Navy S Lt S B Taylor RNR
  • CCF - Army OC Capt B E Rose TA
  • CCF - Army Major L A Sowah TA
  • CCF - Army  Lt G M Gallagher TA
  • CCF - Army Lt B Lacy TA
  • CCF - Army Lt S K Lawson TA
  • CCF Contingent Commander – RAF Plt Off S R Matthews RAFVR(T)
  • CCF – RAF Sqn Ldr S J Bardoe RAFVR(T)
  • CCF – RAF Flt Lt A R Haynes RAFVR(T)
  • CCF - RAF Fg Off L Taylor RAFVR(T)

Learning Support

  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)   Mrs D Booth
  • SEN Manager   Mrs L A Taylor
  • Assistant SEN Manager   Mrs B Haynes
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs H Ashby-Rose
  • Learning Support Assistant   Ms D Beagles
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs S Hart
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs N Hinves
  • Learning Support Assistant   Miss S Jones
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs R Marchant
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs K Quinn
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs S C Shaw
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs S Wagg
  • Learning Support Assistant   Mrs C A Watts


  • Headmaster’s PA  Mrs D M Chick
  • School Office Manager/Deputy Headmaster’s PA  Mrs J E Hewitt
  • Receptionist Mrs N Greggor 
  • CST Administrator  Mrs P Gamester
  • CST Data and Administration Officer Mrs N Wood
  • CST Data and Administration Officer Mrs G Hinsliff
  • Examinations Officer  Mrs B Hogarth
  • Resources Manager  Mrs S A Russell
  • Resources Assistant  Mrs J B Crombie
  • Resources Assistant  Mrs L M Thomas
  • Librarian Mrs J P Jones, BA (Leeds Poly)
  • Matron  Mrs N McHugh
  • Lost Property  Mrs L M Thomas
  • Parents' Association  Mr P B Wayne & Mr A R Wallace
  • Communications & Marketing Mrs L M Bignell
  • Benevolent Fund Mrs C Crownshaw

Estates & Maintenance

  • Estates Manager   Mr J R Russell
  • Head Groundsman   Mr H M Yendall
  • Groundsman   Mr P R Meads
  • Maintenance   Mr N Correy
  • Maintenance   Mr R J Greenlee


  • Finance & Resources Director Mr. C Hall M.A. (Oxon) F.C.A

  • Acting Finance Manager Mr M Green

  • Finance Manager  Mrs D Iaciofano (Maternity Leave)

  • Finance Officer  Mrs M Stratton

  • Lettings & School Shop Manager  Mrs T M Stroud


  • IT Manager Mr D L Horseman, MCSE CCNA
  • IT Technician   Mr G Iaciofano
  • IT Technician Mr F Kelly

Resident Tutors

  • Residential Tutor Harry Calverley  
  • Residential Tutor Adam Theofilatos
  • Residential Tutor Tom Le Roy