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Curriculum & Exams


The aim of the RGS curriculum is to offer a broad and balanced range of subjects. We also place considerable emphasis on the development of skills which will best equip our boys for success both at school and beyond.


In Years 7 to 9 we provide a breadth of education on which boys can build before they start their GCSE course.


Most boys study 10 full course GCSEs and one short course GCSE chosen from the wide range available.This breadth is protection against premature specialisation and provides them with a broad basis of knowledge and skills. We aim to create a flexible curriculum as we strive to meet the needs of all our students.


A Sixth Form of around 400 students permits us to offer a wide choice of different subjects at AS and A level, and many boys read a combination of arts and science subjects. We offer a number of additional courses at this level, including Extended Project and beginners' language courses, to further broaden their educational experience.

New linear A levels are being introduced in 2015 and 2016, which will change the shape of the Sixth Form curriculum in schools.  We are currently determining the nature of our Sixth Form curriculum for September 2015 onwards. Further information will appear here in due course.


An outline of the current curriculum is given below:


Year 7: English, Maths, French, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, Spanish, German, Art, Computing, Technology, Cookery, Music, PSHCE, RE, PE and Games.

Years 8 & 9: English, Maths, French, German, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Computing, Technology, Cookery (Year 8), Drama, Music, PSHCE, RE, PE and Games.  Boys will also choose to continue with one of: Latin, Spanish, German or Classical Civilisation.


Years 10 & 11 (GCSE): English Language, English Literature, Maths (and some boys study Additional Maths), French, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, RE (short course) and three chosen from Latin or German or Spanish, Classical Studies, History, Geography, Art, Music, Computing, Physical Education, and Design Technology. All boys continue with PSHCE, PE and Games.  In addition, boys take part in Thursday Afternoon Activities (TAA).


Years 12 & 13 (AS/A level): Currently, students study 4 AS levels in Year 12 choosing one from each of 4 groups of subjects and may also study a fifth enrichment subject . In Year 13 they continue with four or three subjects.

The list which follows contains those courses currently on offer: English Language, English Literature, History (Medieval and Modern), Business Studies, Economics, Physical Education, Maths, Further Maths, Further Maths (Additional), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Geography, Music, Design Technology, German, French, Spanish, Art & Design (Fine Art), Music, Ancient History, Latin, Computing, and Philosophy.

New linear A levels are being introduced, which will change the shape of the Sixth Form curriculum in schools.  We are currently determining the nature of our Sixth Form curriculum for September 2016 onwards. Further information will appear here in due course. 

As an outstanding school producing excellent academic results we aim to create an environment where each boy can achieve his best. Such an environment is fostered by high quality teaching and learning and various support mechanisms; these include the School’s ‘recognition’ system, the use of pupil planners for the clear recording and monitoring of homework, a parents’ evening and a full report for each year group plus progress grades and progress reports being sent home a further 2 or 3 times a year.

The School is about much more than academic study however and there are abundant opportunities to excel inside and outside the classroom, in sport, visual and performing arts and various other extra-curricular opportunities; all boys are encouraged to contribute and to achieve their best in whatever they do.

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