Royal Navy visit HMS Bristol

Immediately after the School exams, the RGS Royal Navy CCF cadets (Fraser Division) led by Lt Cdr Greenhough & Slt Silvey had a fantastic opportunity to experience life at sea by staying on HMS Bristol – a former Type 82 destroyer.

We also were also fortunate enough to be trained at the Royal Navy’s Fire Fighting Centre and the Phoenix Damage Repair and Instructional Unit (DRIU) to experience how to save a ship and ourselves from both fires and sinking. We also did a special VIP tour of the Military Harbour seeing right up close to the serving minesweepers and the latest Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond.

Finally, we learnt all about the midget submarine, and our famous old boy Cdr Ian Fraser who won a Victoria Cross medal for Operation Struggle, a daring attack on the Japanese 10,000 tonne heavy cruiser at the end of the second world war.

This camp successfully blended heritage and history with a modern and progressive outlook and was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we are very grateful to the Royal Navy and the submarine museum staff for offering us such a wonderful opportunity

 Lt Cdr Greenhough