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Army Section of the CCF deployed to Sennybridge Training

The Army Section of the CCF was deployed to Sennybridge Training Area in the Brecon Beacons for 'Ex Sharpe's Attack' between 9-11 March 2018.

After a long drive to Wales, 24 cadets and 10 staff installed themselves in Farm 1 for the start of the 48 hour field training exercise which saw a gruelling patrol action over 25km of harsh, remote and inhospitable terrain to end at Cilieni Village.
The FIBUA (Fighting in Built Up Areas) complex of Cilieni Village is an urban warfare centre designed specifically to train and test the British Army in urban operations. RGSHW CCF was taught the art of urban warfare by Lt Al-Khamiri from The Vyne School before attacking and capturing a number of buildings in the village.
A night time patrol action in the village to locate the enemy occupied buildings for a dawn assault on Sunday was eerie, particularly as a number of knocked out armoured vehicles had been set on fire for dramatic affect. The pre-dawn move to an assembly area and subsequent dawn attack on Sunday morning were carried out with consummate professionalism, demonstrating that the cadets had assimilated all of the lessons of fighting in a built up area. By 0640hrs all enemy forces in the village had been destroyed and the boys could begin the long clean-up process before our journey home.
The exercise was a challenging and exciting opportunity for all, and pushed many cadets to the limits of physical and mental endurance in the harshest of environments. RGS joins only one of two cadet units to have been allowed to use the village complex of Cilieni, an opportunity which the boys relished and sincerely hope will be replicated in the future.
The CCF is training teams to enter the prestigious Cadet Cambrian Patrol held in Sennybridge in a month's time and hope to come home with a Gold Medal. The March FTX was an excellent opportunity for the cadets taking part in the Patrol in April to get used to the environment of the Brecon Beacons under tactical conditions. Thanks must go to all the staff who attended the exercise, without whom the whole weekend would not have been possible.