How much do you know about the brain?

Do you want to learn about the most undiscovered part of the body?

Do you want to discover gender differences, schizophrenia and forensics?

The Department is passionate about providing an engaging and inspiring learning environment where thought provoking discussions and scientific analysis unveil the secrets of our daily mentalities.

Psychology is becoming an increasingly popular subject within the school as more students are choosing to explore areas of the brain and aspects of human behaviour amongst a group of dedicated teachers, with the highest qualifications.

Within the Psychology Department, they follow an intense syllabus featuring topics such as attachment, gender differences, schizophrenia, mental disorders, addiction, forensics and memory. The topics have proven to ignite the interest of students taking the subject as they learn about an ever changing field which is frequently making its way onto the news.

Psychology is not simply limited to observing human behaviour, and students find that it is far more diverse than the topics discussed in the media. Students learn with a scientific focus, to follow its growth as a progressing science, leading to a comprehensive understanding of the subject as a whole. There is nothing more satisfying than finally understanding why the behaviours they observe every day actually occur.

The lessons are not limited to the classroom. The Psychology Department engages in many different extracurricular activities. For example, RGS hold an Annual Brain Day where an expert educates students on the brain, using real samples as visual learning aides which they can explore. The Department also takes part in the Bucks New Uni research project, in which teams design a psychological experiment and present their findings to leading subject lecturers.

What better way is there to learn about the way in which you develop, think and continue to behave than taking psychology at the RGS.