Friends of Rugby

Inspiring a Legacy of Sporting Excellence

RGS is one of the finest ‘rugby schools’ in the country, competing every week with the very best and boasting a fixture list which is the envy of any school in the UK. FRORGS is a parent body within the school represented by each age group and members of the sports staff. Our primary aim, as well as the weekly communications to parents, is to raise money to enable the successful running of the impressive rugby programme at the school. 

Of our near 1400 pupils on roll, all boys play rugby as part of their sports curriculum with some 420-450 being selected for team squads per annum.  The annual costs necessary to play rugby at this level places demands far beyond the budget of RGS as a state school and without significant fundraising, RGS would not be able to support the current impressive fixture list or achieve the successes we have over the last number of years. It is essentially down to the parents, via FRORGS (Friends of Rugby at RGS), to raise the money to permit this programme to continue. 

We would be delighted if you would like to support the boys and continue the legacy of rugby sporting excellence.

Richard Morris

Chairman of FRORGS