A Level & GCSE Results 2017

The 2017 public examination results at RGS High Wycombe were once again excellent this year.

A & AS Level Overview

At A Level 73.6% were graded A*-B, with 48% being A*-A. The overall pass rate was just short of 100%. A record 50 students (more than 25% of the year-group) achieved a clean sweep of A* and A grades. An outstanding, 93% of Boarders were graded A*-A. Seventeen of our students gained 3 A* grades or more, of whom seven achieved 4 A*s and two achieved 5 A*s.

At AS Level, the school had another excellent set of results, with 81% of grades at A -B.

GCSE Overview

At GCSE 99% of the boys in Year 11 obtained at least five A*-C grades including English and Maths. At GCSE 76% of Boarders obtained A*-A and 100% of the boys achieved A-C. Overall, students scored 63.1% A*-A grades and excelled in the ‘core’ subjects of English Language, English Literature and Maths, where they averaged 71.8% for the new 9-7 grades (equivalent to A* and A grades).

In the new performance measures, a large number of our boys gained the new ‘9’ grade (equivalent to a high A*) in these subjects. The School's results significantly out stripped the national rate for the new grade 9.

  • In Maths, 34.8% of our boys scored a 9 (compared with a national rate of 3.5%)

  • In English Literature, 25.8% scored a 9 (compared with a national rate of 3.3%)

  • In English Language, 16.2% scored a 9 (compared with a national rate of 2.6%)

Click here to view the Department for Education school performance tables website.

Please note that RGS students have sat IGCSE ( I meaning International) qualifications in English Language and English Literature. These are qualifications used predominantly by the independent sector as they have been regarded as more rigorous than the standard GCSE in universal use in the state sector.

As the qualification is no longer included in Progress 8 calculations, our league table position is affected. Please be reassured that IGCSE is recognised by all universities and, clearly, a school achieving the results and Oxbridge success as above is, we believe, doing rather well. 


Did you know?
Number of 9-7 grades in Maths and English (A*-A)