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A Festive Treat: Singers Ltd in Salzburg

Musical notes from Singers Ltd

Jacob Leman:

The Salzburg trip is something which every young chorister hears about and looks forward to, and I was lucky enough to be in the Close Harmony to go on the exchange - and it lived up to my every expectation. From the excellent opportunity to practice my patchy-at-best German to the educational highlights of visiting one of the most musical cities on the planet, I enjoyed every second. The food was excellent, the sights of both the metropolitan city centre and the towering, snowy mountains around us complemented the wonderful leadership of the best two music teachers in the school, Mr Venvell and Mr Mullaly, and the Bundesgymnasium and Austrian families were welcoming and kind. I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite moment, but I did particularly enjoy the time we spent in the evenings with both English and Austrian friends - I will always have a place in my heart for the 4 hour-long game of Twister with 8 players at 2am!

Tom Hughes:

Salzburg 2017 was, hands-down, the best trip I have ever been on. Not only did we get to visit the beautiful city of Salzburg, but we developed musically and as a group, strengthening our friendships and getting to know each other better. We also got to know our host families well, as we spent lots of time with our lovely exchange partners. These people showed us the utmost kindness and hospitality throughout our stay, and it was this that really brought the magic to the trip. Friendships that I’m sure will stand the test of time and distance have been formed, and we’ll definitely stay in touch. Thank you Salzburg, we’ll be back one day.

Peter Houston:

Highlight- busking and free time with group and Austrians. Excellent family and on Saturday went sledging down a mountain and then 2 Krampus in the evening which was interesting.

James Guild:

As cliche as it may sound, Salzburg was one of the most fantastic trips that I have ever been on. What was particularly fantastic about it was that our social groups aligned with our exchanges, so not only were we able to make new friends, we were able to do it in the company of our own. On top of that, we were constantly busy with singing in a wide variety of places such as grand cathedrals and churches, which served to remind us how musically oriented this trip was! For anyone not already in close harmony I would strongly recommend you take part in this trip!

Harry King:

On Saturday, we went to Monsee with the host family. We saw the beautiful lake, and went into the town to see the church and the market. We then went back to Salzburg and walked along ridge by the castle with fantastic views of the city by night. In the evening, we had a party! It was a wonderful trip - thank you all very much.

Yison Wong:

The trip to Salzburg really was amazing; the host family was lovely and hospitable, the city was gorgeous and singing with close harmony was a fantastic and fun experience. In the snowy winter evening it was like stepping straight into a scene from a story book, Salzburg was so beautiful. On the Saturday spent with the host family we went up a mountain with an amazing view to go sledding which was great fun and just playing in the snow which is something we don’t often get to do in England, and then in the evening we spent eating pizza and watching a film which was pretty chill. Overall it was truly brilliant and given the chance I would visit again.

Hugh Laughton:

Really enjoyed the snow, and having the chance to go sledding up a hill was really fun as we rarely get snow. I also enjoyed the krampus, as it was quite an interesting experience for us, and was certainly different from anything we have in the UK.

Cyril Kwok:

On 30th November, I went with the Close Harmony group along with 2 staff, Mr Venvell and Mr Mullaly, to the London Heathrow Airport, where our memorable and enjoyable Salzburg trip started. After a short flight in the afternoon to the Munich Airport in Germany, followed by a 2-hour train ride from Munich to Salzburg, we met our host families at night, who were very friendly and really helped us a lot to settle down in Salzburg in those few days.

Throughout the trip, I had an amazing experience in Salzburg. We learnt about the local language college we went, the city of Salzburg and it's history thanks to the group of local students who gave us the tour. We also performed at the St. Erhard's Church and busked in the fascinating Christmas Market, where we got a lot of precious experience on singing publicly. Harry and I also travelled around with our host in Salzburg and Mondsee, a town nearby, at which we visited the astonishing Mondsee lake and the St. Michael's Church. Interestingly the church was where the wedding scene in the movie "The Sound of Music" set. We went up to the mountain in Salzburg in the evening as well, where we had a great night view of the city.

One of the most memorable events in Salzburg was that we had the rare chance to perform in the Salzburg Cathedral, I am extremely grateful to have this privilege to sing in this incredible and historic cathedral with the Close Harmony group. The atmosphere inside the cathedral was marvellous and terrific, and I really enjoyed myself performing there.

This Salzburg trip was definitely one of my most unforgettable moments in my life that I would treasure, which I had a lot of fun with the Close Harmony group and met lots of friends!