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UKCAT Training Day

On 5th July aspiring medical students were given the opportunity to take part in a UKCAT training day, dedicated to preparing students for the rigorous medical entrance exam. Fifteen Year 12 RGS students, along with five Wycombe High students and one Beaconsfield High student were involved. Alex Jones was one of the students who attended the training:

‘This was a very intensive day, dense with work and new information on the test. In the best possible way, this was the most challenging and taxing day of work since our UCAS exams earlier this year. As a result of this challenge, the entire day gave us confidence that this was an accurate representation of the difficulty of the UKCAT itself.

The day began with our teacher for the day explaining how she is qualified to teach us about the UKCAT, what stuck in my mind most was how she has taken the test 6 times and each time has been in the top 10% of results, and twice she was in the top 1%. After this, we went through each of the 5 sections of the UKCAT, learning about what they are assessing, how to approach them, and which strategies are best for being efficient. Within some sections, there would also be subsets of different types of question, which we learnt about in the same level of detail. Once we had done the theory, we would then have practice questions for each section, which were timed and done in exam conditions, we then marked these and went through any corrections. Once we had gone through each section, we then had a 50 minute practice exam including each section. This allowed us to really appreciate the shortness of time we will have in the exam.

In my opinion, the day was excellent for preparing us for the UKCAT. We had an experienced teacher, comprehensive theory coverage, and a surplus of example questions that made the day well worth it.’