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6th Form Boarding @ Fraser Youens

There is no better preparation to make a seamless transition to university than boarding in Fraser Youens House. Imagine having your own personal tutor, lots of ready-made friends and great opportunities for social interaction, whilst being surrounded by academically able and driven young men like yourself...now you will start to be getting a picture of what boarding in the 6th form is like at RGS High Wycombe.

Our Sixth form boarders have significantly outperformed their day school counterparts over the last seven years, with up to 90% of boarders achieving A*-B at A level. Many of our boarders go on to study at the very top universities in the UK and abroad. However, 6th form boarding is not just about achieving top A level grades. We expect our sixth formers to be leaders both in school and in the boarding community with one the core school principles being to 'fulfil potential'. Recently half of the school's senior prefect team was made up from our small but unique boarding environment.

As a sixth former we hope that you will form excellent relationships with boarding staff who can support and help you in not only achieving top grades, but also in completing that all important university application. Your individual tutor supports you throughout your time in Fraser Youens, and this, along with our academic mentoring programme, ensures that 6th formers are happy, content and are in the best possible position to reach their full potential.

It is also vitally important that a sixth former is independent and active in whatever pursuit they are interested in. In addition to their academic success many of our students in Fraser Youens are leading figures in school sport, CCF, music, debating and drama.

6th formers have their own designated kitchen and common room so that they can relax and be with students of their own age. All of our Sixth formers have single ensuite rooms and although the house has its own Wi-Fi, every room also has a wired connection if necessary. Most Sixth formers come equipped with laptops or desktops but the house does have its own ICT facilities, printing, scanning and photocopying.

Our Old Boys come back each year and give advice on how easy the transition was to university. They also help support the current boarders with a talk on the university application process and their recent experiences.