A Message from the Head Boy

The Sixth Form at RGS is an inclusive and diverse environment which fully prepares you for life after school. It strikes a perfect balance between maintaining great academic focus and increasing your levels of responsibility and independence, whilst still being supported and guided along the way. The range of subjects on offer truly leads to a limitless wealth of future opportunities, giving you the chance to pursue whatever ambitions you may have.

Through the variety of co-curricular activities available, you can continue to develop essential personal qualities. Leadership, teamwork and communication skills are honed and refined through positions of responsibility within the House and Prefect systems.

Ultimately, my time in the Sixth Form has provided a perfect conclusion to an unforgettable seven years at RGS. I feel confident that I will leave fully prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead and I know that you will not be disappointed by choosing to pursue your A Levels at RGS.

Andrew McDonald
Head Boy

Challenging, supportive, inspirational.